I recently requested a copy of my dd214 and later found that I no longer needed it now they are saying that I can only have half my money back and the form was not submitted or signed, they were only supposed to put a hold on the funds submitted there was nothing saying that I would lose half my money I do not think this is a fair business practice especially when nothing was done they are not supposed to take payment until services have been rendered. This is a very unfair practice and should be stopped as soon as possible.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #684656

I have been getting the run around for the last year and 1/2. I only get a voicemail when I call and my emails are not responded to.

I got 2 responses and that was it.

Keep your money and find a different route. This is either a Scam or Very Poor Customer service.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #673252

SCAM!! I paid $ 107 and was promised my DD 214 on Friday.

When I didn't receive it I was again promised it on Monday. Also, did not receive it. I call a dozen times to maybe reach customer service once. After 20 minutes of being on hold an automated response comes on that all representatives are busy and the call disconnects.

I have left multiple voicemails and computer messages with no response. This has now cost my daughter her scholarship!


Yes, 46 BBB complaints on 25000 orders in Three Years, ALL resolved. Lets see, that's a complaint ratio of almost 1 in a THOUSAND, AND all (according to the BBB RESOLVED!) Hundreds of REAL reviews on our website (would we really write hundreds of reviews?

Our competitor has four (4).

THis is nothing more than a typical "dirty tricks" campaign by competitors, We coulfd do the same, but such actions only damage our industry as a whole. Who do you believe, the BBB or an anonymous poster?

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